Okay, ladies! Lets talk granny panties. That’s right… You heard me!


I’ll never forget shopping for underwear with my mom right before I hit adolescence. Thongs were all the rage and my mom refused to let me wear them. She said that they weren’t “appropriate” for my age and that God forbid, I got into an accident, I had to be rockin’ full-coverage underwear to spare me from an embarrassing moment.

Plus she went on and on about how uncomfortable they were…
Typical Latina mom…

Let’s just say that I went behind her back (sorry mom!) and bought my own pair
and she ended up finding out once she did my laundry.


Anyway, now that I’m an “adult” and living on my own, I totally have to give my mom full credit.
She was right –They are super uncomfortable!

I live for the days that I don’t have to worry about having a VPL (visible panty line)
and these days, I’m rocking the ultimate pre-granny panty… The Cheekini!
They’re super comfortable and make me feel like i’m barely wearing anything.


I feel the same about the U by Kotex Curves® Liners! They give me serious protection –perfect for lighter flow days and helping to protect my cheekini’s from unexpected surprises and last-minute spotting!

I love that they’re super clean and comfy and they fit my undies just right!

Want to check them out for yourself? You can get $1 off the purchase of UbK Panty Liners at bringcomfyback.com

What are you waiting for? #BringComfyBack

Escape Miami Style Lounge




A couple of weekends ago I was lucky enough to go with my partner in fashion, Vicky, from Estilo by the Kilo, to the Escape Miami Style Lounge event. Hosted by The Fashion Poet herself, Annie Vazquez, this was one of the many spectacular events surrounding Miami Swim Week.

Some of our favorite brands popped-up to showcase the latest summer trends, including: Novus Shoes, L*Space and BrowLash. The event was complete with everything from a Prosecco Sorbet from Kryogenifex (yes, it’s a thing!) manicures and massages, to Dash of Flash tats and henna by The Henna Touch.

We had a great time at the third-annual Escape Miami Style Lounge event and we can’t wait ’til next swim week next year to enjoy poolside!

From Head to Toes:
Merona® Solid Fedora Hat – Burgundy
Merona® Shirt Dress
Rosena Sammi ‘Protect’ Sanskrit Necklace
ZARA Girl Sandals

Clinique x TED Global Initiative

Hey there, brilliant beauty!

Smart women across the globe are making a difference.
Have you recently had a lightbulb idea moment on your commute to work?
In the checkout line at your local grocery store?
Maybe even while you swipe left on all those rejects.

Don’t dismiss it. Bring it to life!

Here’s how:
Clinique is partnering with TED to launch a global search to bring the next smart idea to life
by e
ncouraging smart gals like us to share their intelligence, ambition and creativity.

 One lucky lady will have the chance to get their idea
in front of some of the brightest minds in the country, and the world.

I know you have what it takes, so give them a piece of your mind!

P.S. The winner will be invited as a special guest to the Smart Women series
at the TEDWomen conference in 2016.

Submit you ideas at Clinique.com through September 30, 2015.

Best of luck!

Bucket Bags

Bucket bags are currently all the rage.

I first had my heart set on this little number by Mansur Gavriel.
That was before I saw the hefty price tag.
I scoured the land for the perfectly-priced bucket bag and stumbled upon this
Steve Madden replica that is almost identical to the aforementioned.
I love that the black faux-leather matches with almost everything and
that the red lining gives it a touch of … je ne sais quoi.







From Head to Toes:
Mossimo Side Split Tee
Mossimo Joggers
Michael Kors Two-Tone Runway Watch
Qupid Platform Heels

Photography by: Josh Villatoro


After this weekend, I can honestly say I’ve been to eyewear heaven.

Alas, the Warby Parker Annex is making a splash in Wynwood! Literally.
The latest addition to the WP family has an added “dose of poolside pizzazz thrown in.” Complete with “swimming pool-patterned floors, tropical plants and an overhead photo booth that recreates your classic lounging-by-the-water moment.”

I had the best experience while visiting the new store!

Upon arrival, I was greeted by the lovely Jesse, who gave me a tour and explained the concept behind the annex. The walls adorned with a variety of sunnies and glasses sparked instant eyewear envy.

My indecisiveness kicked in almost immediately. A part of me wished that I had mild astigmatism so that I could rock a new pair of glasses. Needless to say, I snapped out of it and headed towards the sunglasses and fell in love with not one, but FOUR pairs of sunglasses.

I was torn.

I tried them on, took numerous selfies, texted my boyfriend slightly embarrassing pictures and made a decision.

I went for the ‘Teddy’ frames in Petal Tortoise.

I love everything about them. The subtle pink hue of the frames, the trendy brow bar and tortoise pattern…
It’s love. Sweet Warby Parker love.






Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 1.14.13 PM

Summer Adieu

Summer lovin’ had me a blast!

Summer may be long gone for you northern states, but in Florida, we’re still getting our tan on.
One of the benefits of living in the sunshine state,
is being able to wear a bikini almost year-round.
This two-piece neon beauty is available now for purchase at Laced by Lola!

We ship worldwide!
Email us for orders:




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Arrecife Swimwear for Laced by Lola
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