Style Infusion

As the days of summer slowly begin to dwindle down into fall, bundling-up is not something to easily transition into.
Granted, Florida is extremely forgiving when it comes to “cool weather”.
This week, while having a quick brunch at Infusion Tea, I wore an almost transparent top that was forgiving enough to let the summer breeze be felt.

I recently discovered Infusion Tea in one of my many quests for interesting places to eat downtown.  It is the perfect mix of organic meets artsy.

The broad tea selection with the pairing of an array of organic foods makes for a combination suited to satisfy all tastebuds.

Within Infusion Tea, is a chic boutique with thoughtful mementos fitting for any occasion.

From Head to Toes:
Forever XXI Blouse
Merona Gold Watch
Zara Basic Denim in Mint
Michael Kors Jet Set Logo Print Tote Bag
Melissa Shoes – ‘The Loving Shoes’ c/o BOGA


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